Hello Kitty Red Money Envelope

Each Hello Kitty Red Money Envelope is intended for Lunar/Chinese New Year with different Sanrio characters!

Lovely Hello Kitty pattern is written on every red envelopes Chinese. Out of the standard style red packet with four totally different blessing words. The which means of the hongbao is could you health, peace, sensible at study and good luck.

Each pack of Hello Kitty Red cash Envelope incorporates a anti-counterfeiting sign. and every one of the Hello Kitty red packet has authrozation. Hongbao of Hello Kitty provide filled with best desires to everybody.

The red envelopes Chinese incorporates a colourful nice-looking and bright color, as a result of all of the red packet is formed of the pearl paper that is sweet for dyeing. These hongbao is colorful, gift-quality and cozy to use.

Each Hello Kitty Red cash Envelope is 3.54” x 6.5”. The red packet suit coins, unfold one hundred greenbacks and gift cards. the rear of hongbao incorporates a fold flap jack to safe the gift.

Hello Kitty Red cash Envelope have a good usage. Red packet sometimes with cash, coins provides as gifts throughout Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings and different special occasions. Or hongbao ornament as ornaments for Chinese satellite New Year.